Alan Lipman

Chief Executive Officer

At the helm of Romar since 2016, Alan is one of the most respected CEOs in the Australian manufacturing sector. Under his stewardship, Romar has grown expeditiously, and his strategic decisions to embrace technology and actively recruit the most qualified and innovate people in the industry have been critical to the modern success of Romar today.

Alan was drawn to the business world at a young age, becoming a director of a publicly listed company by the tender age of 30. Starting his career in merchant banking, he diversified and over his long and successful career across a diverse range of manufacturing companies he has built a highly reputable leadership profile.

Embracing technology and fostering a workplace of ideas

Alan is a big picture thinker with a careful eye on the detail. He cemented the direction for Romar back in 2016 when he took on the CEO role. His strategic decisions to embrace technology, fostering a workplace of creative thinkers and elite problem solvers, has enabled him to navigate a way forward, where Romar excels in the modern manufacturing landscape.

“At Romar we work with a broad client base. Medical device manufacturing, aerospace, mining, rail and transport to name a few. These industries bring cutting-edge product ideas that require cutting-edge manufacturing solutions. As a business, we need to be ahead of the curve in material analysis and scope, manufacturing and software technologies and have the very best and brightest people solving our clients’ manufacturing problems. I find this a hugely challenging and exceptionally rewarding part of my journey with Romar,” says Alan.

Running an interesting and successful business is all the motivation Alan needs

Alan gets a great deal of satisfaction from running interesting businesses and that is exactly what Romar is. Each day, new opportunities for discovery present themselves. Each discovery solves another problem and each problem solved unlocks potential for scalability. These elements are the fun part of running an interesting and successful business, and for Alan they provide the motivation to keep daring and exploring opportunities within the manufacturing sector.

A sense of humour and outside interests are essential

Whilst the old cliche of dedication and commitment are part of Alan’s working DNA, he nurtures a wicked sense of humour and is a great person to be around. His positivity is infectious and part of his respected leadership style. He is not all work and no play. Alan is a keen sailor and a passionate Sydney Swans supporter. Oh… and when you meet Alan be sure to ask about his secret society of ‘Alans’ who catch up regularly for a round of loose banter and a few burnt BBQ chops.

Meet the rest of our advanced manufacturing team.

Our Capability

Romar’s extensive capability extends from traditional to more contemporary materials. From intricate medical devices to componentry for rockets and aerospace, we offer our clients an exceptional level of advanced manufacturing capability and expertise through computer aided engineering.

Silicone Manufacturing

Romar has built its reputation as Australia’s foremost expert in silicone manufacturing and molding.

Elastomers Manufacturing

We provide elastomers manufacturing capability for technically specified high-quality rubber components.

Plastic Manufacturing

From extrusion to molding, Romar’s innovative capability in advanced plastic manufacturing is unmatched.

Advanced Manufacturing

Romar leads the Australian market in advanced manufacturing, including 3D printing.

Additive Manufacturing

Romar accesses the most powerful technology in additive manufacturing with advanced 3D printing capability.

Fluid and Motion Control

High performance requires unparalleled expertise in the manufacture of fluid and motion control componentry.

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    Advanced Manufacturing News & Articles

    Manufacturing Components for Satellites

    As a contract manufacturer, Romar Engineering has been manufacturing components for satellites with excellent results. Our knowledge of the space sector, combined with our investment in advanced manufacturing, has enabled us to expand our offering, including fluid and motion control valves, propulsion components and fuel tanks.

    The Future of Scalable Manufacturing

    The future of scalable manufacturing. Manufacturing has always been a critical pillar of any country’s economy, and Australia is no different. Manufacturing is evolving rapidly, and the future lies in scalable, technologically advanced solutions that cater to emerging markets.

    Advanced silicone manufacturing capability

    Advanced silicone manufacturing capability is why Romar is one of Australia’s most trusted and recognised scalable manufacturing businesses.