Hans Angping

Manufacturing Engineer

With a breadth of experience in large-scale business operations in the United States and the Philippines, Hans Angping is a welcome addition to the advanced manufacturing team. He has a mechanical engineering degree from Rutgers University in the US and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Monmouth University, also in the US.

Trained in lean manufacturing and a member of the Institution of Engineers Australia, Hans works across several areas within the advanced manufacturing team, including product development, procurement and planning.

“My work in the United States was centred on CNC machining for a large German company specialising in manufacturing polyurethane timing belts. I was involved in most touchpoints of the CNC process and gained a great deal of knowledge and experience working in this area,” says Hans.

After a 12-year stint in the US, Hans returned to the Philippines, where he headed up the logistical division for the family business. There, he was responsible for the transportation of large quantities of cement for the construction industry and was juggling 200-300 trucks every day.

“Aside from the cement business, the family was involved in real estate developments and had other interests throughout the Philippines. It was a great experience; however, my heart is in engineering. An opportunity came for my family to come to Australia, and I was looking to bring my children up here,” says Hans.

Hans was drawn to Romar through its work in 3D metal printing and the exciting projects that Romar is involved in. After seeing a YouTube video on Romar’s work, Hans knew this is where he wanted to continue developing his engineering skills and work with a proactive and advanced team.

“I was immediately interested in Romar and their work with 3D printing, especially with metal. I dropped my resume in, and thankfully, an opportunity was available reasonably quickly. I work with a highly skilled team of engineers and material scientists and feel Romar is the perfect fit for someone like me who loves to solve engineering problems and work with advanced technology and gifted colleagues,” concludes Hans.

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Our Capability

Romar’s extensive capability extends from traditional to more contemporary materials. From intricate medical devices to componentry for rockets and aerospace, we offer our clients an exceptional level of advanced manufacturing capability and expertise through computer aided engineering.

Silicone Manufacturing

Romar has built its reputation as Australia’s foremost expert in silicone manufacturing and molding.

Elastomers Manufacturing

We provide elastomers manufacturing capability for technically specified high-quality rubber components.

Plastic Manufacturing

From extrusion to molding, Romar’s innovative capability in advanced plastic manufacturing is unmatched.

Advanced Manufacturing

Romar leads the Australian market in advanced manufacturing, including 3D printing.

Additive Manufacturing

Romar accesses the most powerful technology in additive manufacturing with advanced 3D printing capability.

Fluid and Motion Control

High performance requires unparalleled expertise in the manufacture of fluid and motion control componentry.

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    The future of scalable manufacturing. Manufacturing has always been a critical pillar of any country’s economy, and Australia is no different. Manufacturing is evolving rapidly, and the future lies in scalable, technologically advanced solutions that cater to emerging markets.

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