Stalin Govindasamy

Quality Assurance Manager

Stalin has the unique experience, qualifications and skill set to bridge the gap between engineering and quality assurance. A qualified engineer with a degree in mechatronics, Stalin has had broad global manufacturing and quality assurance exposure, having worked in Singapore, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan and the United States.

Bridging the gap between engineering and quality assurance

Stalin Govindasamy manages quality management systems to ensure our manufacturing solutions meet applicable regulatory standards – including ISO 9001 (2015) for manufacturing, ISO 13485 (2016) for medical devices, and soon, AS9100, for aerospace manufacturing.

Having worked both as an engineer and validation manager, Stalin has a unique understanding of these two sometimes distinct spheres.

“Most engineers don’t have quality assurance training, and quality control managers generally don’t have that engineering background. When I made the move across, I realised I could be a bridge between the two and hopefully benefit both,” says Stalin.

Having an advanced understanding of both engineering and the methodology of quality assurance, Stalin has the unique skill set that creates a conduit between the two disciplines. His global experience, qualifications and knowledge ensure Romar’s customers are getting the best outcomes.

Qualified and experienced people are critical to high-performance teams

Stalin is a very experienced quality assurance professional. His global exposure has proved invaluable to the high-performance teams at Romar.

“After completing a mechatronics degree, I joined the semiconductor industry in Singapore. I then shifted towards control systems in complementary medicine, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing,” Stalin says.

Stalin has worked around the world in Singapore, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan and the United States. His experience in these environments has shaped his managerial insights and enabled him to be a highly effective communicator.

“The technology here is really interesting, and the people are fantastic. The most important part of my job is interacting with the team, and that exchange of knowledge and experience is really great. I enjoy working and learning, and I strongly believe that whatever you do, you do it with integrity. That’s who I am,” Stalin adds.

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Our Capability

Romar’s extensive capability extends from traditional to more contemporary materials. From intricate medical devices to componentry for rockets and aerospace, we offer our clients an exceptional level of advanced manufacturing capability and expertise through computer aided engineering.

Silicone Manufacturing

Romar has built its reputation as Australia’s foremost expert in silicone manufacturing and molding.

Elastomers Manufacturing

We provide elastomers manufacturing capability for technically specified high-quality rubber components.

Plastic Manufacturing

From extrusion to molding, Romar’s innovative capability in advanced plastic manufacturing is unmatched.

Advanced Manufacturing

Romar leads the Australian market in advanced manufacturing, including 3D printing.

Additive Manufacturing

Romar accesses the most powerful technology in additive manufacturing with advanced 3D printing capability.

Fluid and Motion Control

High performance requires unparalleled expertise in the manufacture of fluid and motion control componentry.

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    As a contract manufacturer, Romar Engineering has been manufacturing components for satellites with excellent results. Our knowledge of the space sector, combined with our investment in advanced manufacturing, has enabled us to expand our offering, including fluid and motion control valves, propulsion components and fuel tanks.

    The Future of Scalable Manufacturing

    The future of scalable manufacturing. Manufacturing has always been a critical pillar of any country’s economy, and Australia is no different. Manufacturing is evolving rapidly, and the future lies in scalable, technologically advanced solutions that cater to emerging markets.

    Advanced silicone manufacturing capability

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