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Expertise and Innovation

For over 50 years Romar has built a formidable reputation for manufacturing expertise as an industry leader in Australian advanced manufacturing and innovation.

Romar is the home of advanced manufacturing solutions

The Romar business has developed from a traditional manufacturer into one of the most innovative and progressive manufacturing enterprises in today’s market and is widely recognised as the home of manufacturing innovation.

We have forged a reputation for establishing contemporary manufacturing techniques that push the boundaries of traditional manufacturing. We actively source the most sophisticated and advanced manufacturing equipment and recruit the very best people in the industry.

Romar continues to service the demands of our customers with expertise and innovation. We have embraced the digital landscape, investing in and continually upgrading our software and machine capabilities, and providing training, international development and career growth opportunities for our employees.

Our strategic decisions to embark on bold and often risk-orientated projects have paid dividends. Romar is now considered Australia’s foremost material subject matter expert. Our people have developed into world-leading engineers who continually innovate, challenge convention and find solutions to the most complex problems. We reliably execute each step of the manufacturing process to bring your vision to life.

Working with product owners and designers

Romar’s team values collaboration, and working closely with our customers is a crucial pillar to their and our success.

We solve complex problems for clients across a wide variety of industries. The medical sector, industrial, space, aviation, defence, rail and mining all benefit from our years of collaborative expertise. We invest time into understanding the required outcomes, how to build a comprehensive process log and are always looking at ways to improve product quality, flexibility and, most importantly, scalability.

We are prepared to test the boundaries of materials and manufacturing techniques, unearthing solutions that exceed expectations and set product owners and designers up for success. Each of our clients enjoys a long-standing partnership with us at Romar. If you are a product owner, designer or looking for a manufacturer for your business needs, our team is ready to talk.

Romar is a full-suite manufacturer

Romar is renowned in Australia for its expertise in manufacturing silicone, elastomers, plastics and all metal products.

Our capabilities extend to advanced and additive manufacturing, clean room, precision molding and micromolding. We design for manufacture that reduces waste and improves product efficiency.

We are experts in material selection and our commercial manufacturing strategies ensure the problems we solve are client-centric. Romar has complete logistic and warehousing capability, designed at the highest standards of inventory and stock management.

Our customers have total peace of mind that their products are safe, meet their milestones and are 100% fit for purpose.

Expertise at every touchpoint

Our biggest investment is in our people and Romar’s technical expertise influences every touchpoint of your manufacturing project.

Our team of mechanical, bio-medical, electrical, design and process engineers are leaders in their respective fields and each brings highly developed technical skills and experience to the project.

Our engineers work side by side with the brightest material experts and quality assurance professionals, creating world-leading solutions throughout the manufacturing cycle.

When your product is the hands of professionals at the highest level, the benefits are clearly measurable.

Your ideas and our expertise are the ideal collaboration

It is innovation that continues to drive Romar’s exceptional manufacturing expertise and our customers have thrown many curve balls at our team over the years.

Through our commitment to solving problems and finding solutions, we continue to invent exciting, workable techniques for the most complex challenges.

New product ideas are critical to the forward motion of all industries and Romar’s experience and team of engineers and material experts uniquely position us to provide the most sustainable advice that enables your ideas to become a reality.

With specialised skills in:

  • 3D mechanical design
  • Computer-aided engineering, including CAD
  • Prototyping
  • Dedicated test facilities
  • Packaging and labelling, and
  • Quality assurance,

Romar is the manufacturing collaborator of choice.

When collaboration, expertise and innovation matter to you

Romar’s commitment to collaboration, expertise and innovation is the reason we continue to dominate the manufacturing industry. When you are ready to upscale to a professional manufacturer who focuses on quality outcomes, scalability and measurable results, speak to our team.

Our Capability

Romar’s extensive capability extends from traditional to more contemporary materials. From intricate medical devices to componentry for rockets and aerospace, we offer our clients an exceptional level of advanced manufacturing capability and expertise through computer aided engineering.

Silicone Manufacturing

Romar has built its reputation as Australia’s foremost expert in silicone manufacturing and molding.

Elastomers Manufacturing

We provide elastomers manufacturing capability for technically specified high-quality rubber components.

Plastic Manufacturing

From extrusion to molding, Romar’s innovative capability in advanced plastic manufacturing is unmatched.

Advanced Manufacturing

Romar leads the Australian market in advanced manufacturing, including 3D printing.

Additive Manufacturing

Romar accesses the most powerful technology in additive manufacturing with advanced 3D printing capability.

Fluid and Motion Control

High performance requires unparalleled expertise in the manufacture of fluid and motion control componentry.

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    Romar’s approach to modern manufacturing for all sectors is why we remain a market leader in high quality and scalable manufacturing for Australian and international customers.