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Modern Manufacturing for All Sectors

Romar’s approach to modern manufacturing for all sectors is why we remain a market leader in high quality and scalable manufacturing for Australian and international customers.

A Great Culture Makes for Great Innovation

A great culture makes for great innovation, and at Romar, we have built our business on the back of innovation driven by a culture of collaboration and the desire to push the boundary of traditional manufacturing. Our team focuses on finding solutions to engineering problems that push products forward and get them to market with scalability and quality.

CSIRO Invests in Advanced Manufacturing

The CSIRO has announced it will invest over $100 million in five science and technology growth areas over the next four years, to bolster local advanced manufacturing post COVID-19. The areas include biomedical manufacturing, digital healthcare and digital manufacturing – and the announcement reinforces that Romar is on-course to deliver first-class manufacturing now and into the future.

Understanding Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

Romar has been at the forefront of Australian manufacturing for over 50 years, and we’ve seen major industry changes. To deliver robust manufacturing solutions today, we know that manufacturers need innovative technology, broad capability and agility. Here’s our guide to the advanced manufacturing techniques that we embrace to provide comprehensive and agile manufacturing solutions.

Romar’s New IT Directions: Industry 4.0 Manufacturing

Romar Engineering has continually adapted to stay a leader in comprehensive and cutting-edge manufacturing solutions. In the first of a two-part blog, we look at our new IT Directions, and how we’re implementing Industry 4.0 manufacturing solutions to enhance internal processes, productivity and quality for our customers across the aerospace, medical and defence sectors.

Your Ideal Advanced Manufacturing Partner

Advanced manufacturing is central to the future of globally competitive Australian industries. As sectors including aerospace continue to boom, it’s clear that there is great potential for manufacturers that embrace cutting-edge technology and processes. Technology is just one strand of this, however. Here’s what else makes Romar your ideal partner for innovative and effective advanced manufacturing.

Australian Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing

Australia has a long history of innovative manufacturing – from backyard icons like the Hills Hoist to the ultrasound scanner, the bionic ear and the black box flight recorder. To ensure we’re equipped to meet future industry needs, Romar has invested in world-leading technology and expertise. Here’s how we’re leading in advanced manufacturing… and why Australian innovation is key to smart manufacturing.

Beyond 2020 - What the Decade Holds

At Romar Engineering, we’ve been providing comprehensive and diverse manufacturing solutions for over 50 years, so we implicitly understand manufacturing materials, processes, technology… and trends. So what to expect next? Advanced manufacturing beyond 2020 is likely to see an increased uptake of innovative technologies – and a wider shift in industry practices.

Exceptional Advanced Manufacturing in Australia

Advanced manufacturing in Australia is emerging as a niche sector with incredible potential. With access to world-class technology and teams – and increasing government support – advanced manufacturing opportunities are growing. Here’s how advanced manufacturing such as ours brings greater opportunity for sectors including aerospace, medical, mining and defence.

Advanced Manufacturing For Smart Solutions

Advanced manufacturing is changing commercial and industrial practices around the globe. Much more than technology, advanced manufacturing is also about innovation, processes and performance. Romar’s smart advanced manufacturing provides expert solutions by integrating smart technology, smart processes and smart strategy – and it’s ideal for highly regulated industries including aerospace.

A Romar Guide to Advanced Manufacturing

So what is advanced manufacturing? While it’s sometimes the focus, whiz bang technology is just one aspect of high-quality and effective advanced manufacturing. Here’s how Romar’s specialist in-house team of additive, biomedical, materials and manufacturing engineers – and our industry knowledge acquired over 50 years – helps deliver robust and globally-orientated manufacturing.

Cutting Edge Advanced Manufacturing for Defence

Romar Engineering delivers first-class prototype development and scalable manufacturing solutions for highly regulated industries. With expertise across multiple manufacturing strands including advanced manufacturing, precision molding, elastomers and silicone, and with additive capability unique to Australia, we’re able to provide first-class advanced manufacturing for the defence industry.

Medical Evolution with Advanced Manufacturing

The medical industry is exploring advanced manufacturing techniques to enable faster and more cost-effective medical device manufacturing… and innovative solutions. As a leader in medical grade silicone, medical device manufacturing and additive manufacturing, Romar has robust capability for customised, commercially robust and compliant medical advanced manufacturing projects.

Advanced Manufacturing for Australian Mining

With over 50 years’ experience, Romar is at the forefront of traditional and advanced manufacturing in Australia. While the mining sector is slowly embracing new technologies including drones and autonomous vehicles, advanced manufacturing for mining is still largely untapped… and it’s an area with perhaps the strongest potential for the sector. Here’s what advanced manufacturing can offer.

Advanced Manufacturing Solutions for Aerospace

Aerospace was one of the first industries to readily adopt 3D printing to create complex parts with innovative, high-tech and high-performance materials. With Australia’s aerospace sector booming, Romar is ideally positioned to offer aerospace advanced manufacturing solutions, thanks to our industry-leading team of engineers and material specialists and our singular technology.

Romar Features in Space Outlook

Romar Engineering has long had a global reputation for our silicone, elastomeric and medical device manufacturing, and we’ve recently expanded our capability in additive and advanced manufacturing in exciting ways. Our capability now has enormous potential for the aerospace industry, and we’re very pleased to have showcased this in the most recent issue of Space OUTLOOK.

The Art and Engineering of Advanced Materials

With expertise across areas including elastomers, silicone, medical device manufacturing, medical grade silicone and additive manufacturing, the Romar Engineering team understands materials implicitly. Manufacturing materials expertise is perhaps one of the lesser known aspects of manufacturing – but it is critical for exceptional and innovative manufacturing solutions.

Romar Attends 2020 Australian Space Forum

Alan Lipman, CEO, and Steve Milanoski, Head of Advanced Manufacturing at Romar Engineering, recently attended the 9th Australian Space Forum in Adelaide. Held on Wednesday 19 February, it was an excellent opportunity for Romar to make connections and showcase our skills in the Australian space ecosystem. Of particular note was the panel discussion on private space in Australia.

Leading Manufacturing with the Leitz PMM

Romar is a leader in advanced, industrial and medical device manufacturing for diverse industries across the globe. We provide tailored, compliant, high quality and commercially viable solutions with an expert team, exceptional facilities and precision technology, including our Leitz PMM (precision measuring machine), which plays a key role in the a key role in the manufacturing process.

Romar Signs Agreement with Hypersonix

Romar Engineering is a leader in advanced manufacturing solutions for the aerospace, mining, medical and defence sectors. We are pleased to announce that we have signed a framework agreement with Hypersonix Launch Systems, an Australian aerospace engineering, design and build company, to develop scalable aerospace manufacturing solutions for sustainable space flight.

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    Modern Manufacturing for All Sectors

    Romar’s approach to modern manufacturing for all sectors is why we remain a market leader in high quality and scalable manufacturing for Australian and international customers.