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Romar Adds to Capability with In-House Tensile Testing

Romar Engineering has recently added to our capability with in-house tensile testing, essential to measure material performance and meet applicable industry standards. Most manufacturers rely on external tensile testing. With in-house testing capability, we’re equipped to streamline our material selection and manufacturing processes.

Understanding Cost Fluctuations in Manufacturing Materials

Romar engineers consider multiple factors in material selection. Fluctuating prices arise not just by choice of material, however. There are several aspects that might affect manufacturing material costs including the need to meet industry regulations and Standards plus the impact of global markets on raw material availability.

Four Key Factors That Can Affect Your Manufacturing Timeline

Romar’s robust processes ensure our tailored manufacturing solutions are scalable, cost-effective and that they consistently meet regulatory standards. There are several elements that may impact your manufacturing timeline, and an understanding of these will help with realistic production schedules.

The Importance of a Clean Room for Quality Manufacturing

Central to Romar’s vast manufacturing capability is industry-leading expertise, advanced technology and state-of-the-art facilities. With our ISO Class 8 clean room, we’re equipped for specialised manufacturing. Here’s what clean room manufacturing involves, and why it’s central to first-class manufacturing.

The Importance of ISO in Quality Australian Manufacturing

Romar delivers fully compliant, scalable and robust manufacturing solutions, and with ISO certification, our manufacturing always meets International Standards. ISO Standards are a key part of the manufacturing process and a client’s assurance that your manufacturing partner is certified for safety and reliability.

Understanding Finite Element Analysis for Manufacturing

Romar has specialised capability in areas including advanced manufacturing, elastomers and silicone. Our expertise helps us create tailored manufacturing solutions that meet specific client objectives, and one method we employ is finite element analysis (FEA). Here’s what it’s crucial for cost-effective and efficient manufacturing.

What to Look for in an Australian Manufacturing Partner

Romar remains a leader in Australian manufacturing, thanks to our innovation, expertise and adaptability. Robust manufacturing solutions require proficiency across manufacturing techniques – and quite a bit more. This is our guide to what to look for in a manufacturing partner for an optimum manufacturing solution.

Four Key Reasons to Choose a Turnkey Manufacturer

As a leading turnkey manufacturer, Romar delivers expert analysis, design for manufacture, material selection, commercial manufacturing plus logistics. There are several reasons why turnkey manufacturing is the optimum choice for compliant and cost-effective manufacturing. Here are our top four.

Understanding What it Means to Be Manufacturing Ready

As a turnkey manufacturer, Romar looks after every stage of your manufacturing project from design for manufacture through to distribution. While we lead in innovative manufacturing solutions, we are not product designers. We come on board when a project is manufacturing ready. Here’s what that means.

Maintaining Manufacturing Excellence in Challenging Times

The global impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is enormous however thanks to expertise in areas including medical device manufacturing, silicone and additive manufacturing, we are pleased to report that Romar is able to support our clients with agile and efficient manufacturing through Covid-19.

Leading Advanced Manufacturing with the Leitz PMM

Romar Engineering is a leader in advanced, industrial and medical device manufacturing for diverse industries across the globe. We provide tailored and commercially viable solutions with an expert team, exceptional facilities and precision technology, including our Leitz PMM (precision measuring machine).

World-Class Laboratory Testing at Romar Engineering

At Romar, we are serious about manufacturing our products to the highest standard. You can trust our testing process… its one of the best in the business. Our processes include rheological testing, durometer hardness testing, specific gravity testing and FTIR testing, in our world-class laboratory testing facilities.

Romar Engineering Successful ISO Re-certification Audit

During July and August 2018, DQS audited Romar Engineering’s facilities and processes. They awarded us both ISO 13485 (2016) and ISO 9001 (2015). We are proud to announce that this ISO re-certification means we are now certified to the latest industry standard. Find out more about these standards.

Manufacturing 4.0 - Collaborative Manufacturing

For Alan Lipman and Neil Wilson at Romar Engineering, Collaborative Manufacturing is Manufacturing 4.0 – and it’s the future of the industry. It enables companies to take on projects they couldn’t have delivered on their own and it’s proving to be a smart strategy to help Australian manufacturers compete on the global stage.

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