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Modern Manufacturing for All Sectors

Romar’s approach to modern manufacturing for all sectors is why we remain a market leader in high quality and scalable manufacturing for Australian and international customers.

Advanced silicone manufacturing capability

Advanced silicone manufacturing capability is why Romar is one of Australia’s most trusted and recognised scalable manufacturing businesses.

Silicone as a healing agent

Silicone as a healing agent is a reality with the award-winning wound dressing technology Rapid Repair, an Aussie breakthrough invention manufactured by Romar.

About Elastomers and Silicone Testing

Testing is central to high quality, compliant and robust manufacturing solutions. At Romar, we employ elastomers and silicone testing at multiple stages prior to manufacture. We test various material properties to ensure consistency, that the material is fit for purpose and that it meets all regulatory standards for sectors including medical, mining, defence and aerospace manufacturing.

Three Advantages of Silicone Manufacturing

Material choice is central to the manufacturing process and performance. Silicone is a high-performance material with high UV resistance, heat resistance and purity. As long-term silicone specialists, we see three key advantages to silicone manufacturing, giving it broad potential across multiple sectors.

Why Choose Silicone for Your Solution?

Romar Engineering’s expert team of material engineers implicitly understand elastomer and silicone properties – and that expertise is key to delivering our first-class and robust silicone manufacturing solutions. Silicone’s numerous properties align it with a variety of commercial uses in diverse sectors. Why choose silicone for your manufacturing project? Here are some of the key benefits.

Best Applications for Fluorosilicone

With over 40 years’ experience, Romar Engineering is the leader in high quality and bespoke silicone solutions. Our expertise includes medical grade silicone, silicone molding and fluorosilicone which has benefits across multiple industries and for diverse applications. To understand whether it’s the best option for your project, it’s important to understand its material characteristics.

A brief history of Silicone Rubber

The native element of Silicon has been used since the stone age, initially to create tools for protection. Silicone rubber is a modern category of elastomer (a rubber-like material). The mid 20th century saw chemists start to develop and use silicone rubber for commercial purposes. Today we use silicone rubber for many things in everyday life and it has diverse industrial applications.

Milwaukee Silicone Elastomers Course

Romar Engineering materials engineer Carlo Cartini attended a 4-day silicone elastomers course in Anaheim, California. The focus of this course was liquid silicone rubber (LSR), in particular its fabrication and recent advances. Carlo was the only attendee from Australia. Presenters at this course are leaders in the industry, and two were involved in the creation of liquid silicone rubber.

LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) Conference 2018

In September 2018, one of the premier technical conferences in the area of liquid silicone rubber manufacture was held in Anaheim California, LSR 2018. Over 180 silicone manufacturing experts from across the globe gathered to discuss technological and scientific developments in silicone, its manufacture and applications. Romar’s technical development director, Carlo Cartini, was there.

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    Romar’s contract manufacturing model

    Romar’s contract manufacturing model creates significant advantages for aerospace companies looking for a component manufacturer with specialist engineers to collaborate for scalable solutions.

    Medical Silicone for a Happy Sleep

    Medical silicone for a happy sleep. Romar’s expertise with medical devices ensures an anti-snoring mouthpiece becomes a commercial product. The Happy Sleep anti-snoring mouthpiece is helping thousands of people rest easy.

    Machine with operator

    Modern Manufacturing for All Sectors

    Romar’s approach to modern manufacturing for all sectors is why we remain a market leader in high quality and scalable manufacturing for Australian and international customers.