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Manufacturing Components for Satellites

As a contract manufacturer, Romar Engineering has been manufacturing components for satellites with excellent results. Our knowledge of the space sector, combined with our investment in advanced manufacturing, has enabled us to expand our offering, including fluid and motion control valves, propulsion components and fuel tanks.

Valves for Extreme Environments

Romar has developed a set of flight-ready valves for extreme environments. They are now available off the shelf directly from Romar Engineering: cryogenic, oxidiser and Veriner flight-ready valves manufactured in Australia and shipped directly to your facility.

Advanced Components For Space

Romar has established itself as Australia’s leading manufacturer of advanced rocket components. Working with two space exploration companies, we have successfully engineered and manufactured valve components that have been thoroughly tested and prepared for the rigours of space.

Australian Valve Manufacturing Experts

Australian valve manufacturing experts now offer high-performance valves for the aerospace sector. Our valves have been successfully tested and applied to rockets with outstanding success. They are manufactured to the highest standards to withstand the most demanding environments.

Winning Grant for World-First UAV Aerospace Manufacturing Project

A collaboration between Hypersonix Launch Systems, the University of Southern Queensland, LSM Advanced Composites (LSM) and Romar Engineering has been recognised with a $2.95 million aerospace manufacturing grant to develop a world-first reusable hypersonic UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) project.

​​Enhancing Aerospace Manufacturing Systems

This year Romar Engineering has been focusing on new IT directions to streamline and enhance manufacturing workflow. The most recent phase of this involves the integration of ProShop, an ERP (Enterprise Resource System) with an inbuilt MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and QMS (Quality Management System). This uniquely integrated software has immense customer benefits.

Romar Signs Agreement with Hypersonix

Romar is a leader in advanced manufacturing for the aerospace, medical, mining and defence sectors. We recently signed a framework agreement with Hypersonix Launch Systems, an Australian aerospace engineering, design and build company. Using our state-of-the-art 3D printing, we will work with Hypersonix to develop scalable solutions for sustainable space flight.

Romar Engineering Awarded $5.8m MMI Grant

Romar’s expanding manufacturing aerospace capability has been recognised with a $5.8M aerospace manufacturing MMI grant to grow Australian-designed fluid and motion control solutions. The winning grant is the largest of four allocated to manufacturers working in the aerospace sector under round one of the Integration and Translation streams of the $1.3 billion Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI).

Advanced Manufacturing Solutions for Aerospace

Aerospace was one of the first industries to readily adopt 3D printing, a strand of advanced manufacturing suitable for the creation of complex parts with high-tech materials. With Australia’s aerospace sector booming, Romar is ideally positioned to offer our aerospace clients additive and advanced manufacturing solutions, thanks to our industry-leading team and singular technology.

Romar Features in Space Outlook

Romar has a global reputation for our elastomeric and medical manufacturing, and we’ve recently expanded our advanced manufacturing capability in exciting ways. Our capability, expertise and niche additive and advanced manufacturing technology has enormous potential for the aerospace industry, and we’re very pleased to have showcased this in the most recent issue of Space OUTLOOK.

Romar Attends 2020 Australian Space Forum

Alan Lipman, CEO, and Steve Milanoski, our Head of Advanced Manufacturing, recently attended the 9th Australian Space Forum in Adelaide. Held on 19 February, it was an excellent opportunity for Romar to make connections and showcase our skills in the Australian space ecosystem. Of particular note was the panel discussion on private space in Australia, with the heads of four prominent Australian Space start-ups.

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    Romar’s contract manufacturing model

    Romar’s contract manufacturing model creates significant advantages for aerospace companies looking for a component manufacturer with specialist engineers to collaborate for scalable solutions.

    Medical Silicone for a Happy Sleep

    Medical silicone for a happy sleep. Romar’s expertise with medical devices ensures an anti-snoring mouthpiece becomes a commercial product. The Happy Sleep anti-snoring mouthpiece is helping thousands of people rest easy.

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    Modern Manufacturing for All Sectors

    Romar’s approach to modern manufacturing for all sectors is why we remain a market leader in high quality and scalable manufacturing for Australian and international customers.