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Manufacturing Components for Satellites

As a contract manufacturer, Romar Engineering has been manufacturing components for satellites with excellent results. Our knowledge of the space sector, combined with our investment in advanced manufacturing, has enabled us to expand our offering, including fluid and motion control valves, propulsion components and fuel tanks.

The Future of Scalable Manufacturing

The future of scalable manufacturing. Manufacturing has always been a critical pillar of any country’s economy, and Australia is no different. Manufacturing is evolving rapidly, and the future lies in scalable, technologically advanced solutions that cater to emerging markets.

Advanced silicone manufacturing capability

Advanced silicone manufacturing capability is why Romar is one of Australia’s most trusted and recognised scalable manufacturing businesses.

Manufacturing for Medical Training

Manufacturing for medical training is on the rise, and Romar’s expertise in silicone significantly contributes to surgical training. The team at IMRA is revolutionising the way surgical training is being delivered. This innovative technology has paved the way for safer and more effective surgeries, offering numerous benefits to surgeons and patients.

Silicone as a healing agent

Silicone as a healing agent is a reality with the award-winning wound dressing technology Rapid Repair, an Aussie breakthrough invention manufactured by Romar.

Manufacturing Leadership Forum 2023

The Manufacturing Leadership Forum 2023 will occur in Darwin on October 11th, 2023. Romar’s CEO, Alan Lipman, is part of the expert panel hosted by the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC).

Modern Manufacturing Expo 2023

Modern manufacturing expo 2023 is at the Sydney showgrounds, September 20th & 21st. Romar will be onsite showcasing our advanced manufacturing capability. If you’re a key manufacturing decision maker, this is not to be missed.

Romar’s Machinery Capability

Romar’s machinery capability is one of the most advanced in modern manufacturing in Australia. Optimum technology for scalable manufacturing solutions is one of many reasons Romar is leading the market for complex manufacturing initiatives.

Scalable Medical Device Manufacturing

Scalable medical device manufacturing requires advanced manufacturing facilities, leading material experts and a proven 360-degree solution process. Romar has been at the pointy end of delivering manufacturing solutions for some of the most innovative medical devices in circulation today.

Romar’s Management Culture

Romar’s management culture involves collaboration, teaching and empowerment. New engineers work on exciting projects under professional guidance and development. At Romar, no one person is the absolute authority, and leadership is centered on support, collaboration and development.

Flight Ready Valves

Flight ready valves for space are now a reality. Romar engineering has a family of valves including cryogenic, oxidiser and vernier valves that have been tested and commissioned for use in aerospace applications.

Advanced Manufacturing Centre of Excellence

Romar has opened a new facility in Sefton NSW, expanding its capability and resources. The new facility is Romar’s advanced manufacturing centre of excellence, incorporating Australia’s only metal 3D printing powder to production line in a completely climate-controlled environment for metal AM, 5-axis CNC and CMM inspection.

Romar is a Registered Research Service Provider

Romar is excited to announce our registration with the Australian Government as a registered research service provider (RSP). New research and development opportunities are available now with tax incentives designed to enable your manufacturing project access to the highest quality expertise.

Advanced Components For Space

Romar has established itself as Australia’s leading manufacturer of advanced rocket components. Working with two space exploration companies, we have successfully engineered and manufactured valve components that have been thoroughly tested and prepared for the rigours of space.

Australian Valve Manufacturing Experts

Australian valve manufacturing experts now offer high-performance valves for the aerospace sector. Our valves have been successfully tested and applied to rockets with outstanding success. They are manufactured to the highest standards to withstand the most demanding environments.

The Experts in Elastomers

Romar has an enviable reputation as the expert in elastomers. Our capability in industrial rubber bonding, molding, injection molding and compression and transfer molding has positioned Romar as the most trusted manufacturer of superior-end elastomer products.

Romar’s New Website Is Now Live

Romar’s new website is now live. Our website has undergone a complete makeover to provide an improved user experience. The new design is modern, clean and easy to navigate. With a more intuitive interface, users can easily find the information they need, whether it’s about our capabilities, expertise or company information.

Romar Attends Inaugural Australian Space Summit

On 24 March, Romar Engineering’s Alan Lipman (CEO) and Steve Milanoski (Head of Advanced Manufacturing) attended the 2022 Australian Space Summit at The Star, Sydney. Hosted by Space Connect, the annual event is a highlight of the Australian space industry, featuring presentations by national experts.

Alan Lipman On 2022 Australian Manufacturing

From our origins as a traditional manufacturer more than 50 years ago, Romar Engineer is now a leader in innovative manufacturing solutions. Whilst Australian manufacturing has faced significant challenges over the years, Alan Lipman explains what we’re likely to see in Australian manufacturing this year.

The Romar Annual Wrap 2021 - A Must Read

The pandemic continued to impact the globe in 2021, but closer to home there was some good news. In our Australian manufacturing annual wrap, we showcase our 2021 activities, including recognition for our advanced manufacturing and innovative aerospace collaborations, plus a host more content.

Alan Lipman on ABC's 'The Business'

Whilst the pandemic has adversely impacted many sectors, there has been a silver lining. Disruptions to global supply chains have refocused organisations towards onshore production, a boon for local manufacturers. Romar’s Alan Lipman recently talked Australian manufacturing on ABC’s ‘The Business‘.

Romar Features on Ticker Business

Steve Milanoski, Romar Engineering’s Head of Advanced Manufacturing, recently featured on Ticker News, an international streaming news network focusing on breaking news, business and technology. Ticker Business host, Mike Loder, spoke to Steve about Romar’s advanced manufacturing capability.

Romar Signs Agreement with Hypersonix

Romar Engineering is a leader in advanced manufacturing solutions for the aerospace, mining, medical and defence sectors with broad capability. We are pleased to announce that we have signed a framework agreement with Hypersonix Launch Systems.

Romar Engineering Awarded $5.8m MMI Grant

Romar Engineering’s expanding capability in advanced manufacturing for the aerospace sector has been recognised with a $5.8M MMI grant to grow its Australian-designed fluid and motion control solutions. The winning grant is the largest of four allocated to aerospace manufacturers.

The 2020 Romar Engineering Wrap

Challenging is perhaps the most common descriptive for 2020 around the globe. While it has been a difficult year for many in the manufacturing sector, we’re fortunate to have been able to continue offering our diverse manufacturing solutions for clients. For a complete overview here’s the 2020 Romar wrap well worth the time to put you in the picture.

Romar Features in Latest AMT Issue

In recent years, Romar Engineering has focused on building our advanced manufacturing team and technology, and we’ve since initiated exciting projects and collaborations in diverse industry sectors, including aerospace. Our additive manufacturing capability features in the latest issue of Australian Manufacturing Technology (AMT) journal, published by AMTIL.

Romar New ANSTO Industry Partner

Romar Engineering frequently collaborates with like-minded Australian innovators and after a recent meeting with the team at ANSTO, we’re pleased to announce that we are now an ANSTO industry partner. This gives us an opportunity to access ANSTO’s cutting-edge technology and facilities… and ensure we continue to provide leading advanced manufacturing solutions for our clients. It is collaborations like this that set Romar apart.

Romar Manufacturing Innovation Update

Romar has remained a leader in Australian manufacturing by continually updating and adapting our capability and our technology. It’s forward-thinking enabling us to deliver smart solutions across diverse areas, including additive manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, micromolding and medical grade silicone for industries including aerospace, mining and defence. Here’s an  innovation update 2020.

Romar Forging Ahead with Collaborations

Romar Engineering is a leader in Australian manufacturing, and we’ve established our position by committing to transformative technologies and remaining open to manufacturing collaborations. By working with pioneering companies across Australia, we’re part of exciting projects that showcase Romar’s unique expertise… and the benefits of synergy between like-minded Australian manufacturers and companies.

Romar Features in an issue of Space Outlook

Romar Engineering has long had a global reputation for our silicone, elastomeric and medical device manufacturing, and we’ve recently expanded our capability in additive and advanced manufacturing in exciting ways. Our capability now has enormous potential for the aerospace industry, and we’re very pleased to have showcased this in the most recent issue of Space OUTLOOK.

Romar Attends 2020 Australian Space Forum

Alan Lipman, CEO, and Steve Milanoski, Head of Advanced Manufacturing at Romar Engineering, recently attended the 9th Australian Space Forum in Adelaide. Held on Wednesday 19 February, it was an excellent opportunity for Romar to make connections and showcase our skills in the Australian space ecosystem. Of particular note was the panel discussion on private space in Australia.

Romar Features in Manufacturers’ Monthly

Romar Engineering is respected worldwide for our industry-leading expertise and tailored manufacturing solutions. We’ve long excelled in industrial engineering and medical device manufacture, and more recently we’ve added to our capability in exciting ways. We’re delighted that this has been recognised in the most recent issue of leading industry magazine, Manufacturers’ Monthly.

Future Directions for Romar's Scalable Engineering

Romar Engineering excels at scalable and commercially viable design and manufacturing solutions and we’re an industry leader in medical device manufacture. Thanks to additional investment in technology and expertise, we now offer something else – key capability in advanced manufacturing. Here’s what our future directions hold for the aerospace, mining and defence sectors.

Building a Global Presence with Brilliant Digital

With over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing and world-leading expertise, Romar excels at scalable and commercially viable manufacturing solutions. We utilise advanced technology to help us deliver exceptional and innovative solutions to manufacturing challenges… and we’ve embraced digital marketing with Brilliant Digital for efficient and effective business growth.

China Trip 2019 - Alan Lipman and Michael Cai

During May, Alan Lipman (CEO) and Michael Cai (Design Engineer) visited China to meet with new and existing suppliers. Our suppliers in China are very important to Romar Engineering. It’s important that we maintain good relationships with our suppliers to ensure our products continue to be manufactured to the highest standard.. for first-class manufacturing solutions for our clients.

Neil and Alan 2019 US Trip. The Insights and Round-up

Romar Engineering’s Alan Lipman (CEO) and Neil Wilson (Chairman) spent two weeks touring the USA during March and April this year. The aim of the United States trip was to meet with existing and new clients to discuss their manufacturing requirements – and to showcase our diverse manufacturing expertise including medical device manufacturing, silicone and elastomers manufacturing.

Additive manufacturing trade show

Formnext is the leading European trade show for additive manufacturing professionals. Exhibitors and visitors come from all over the globe to learn about the latest advancements in 3D printing. During November, Romar Engineering’s founder Neil Wilson attended Formnext 2018. It is important that Romar keeps up-to-date with the fast-changing world of additive manufacturing.

Romar - From Australia to the world Romar takes the lead

50 years ago Romar became a registered company. The founders, were husband and wife duo Robert and Marion Wilson. Their aim was to create an engineering company to service the automotive and industrial trade in Australia and overseas. Romar Engineering has grown to become a leader in Australian manufacturing, with a continued focus on international expansion.

Romar Exhibits at COMPAMED Trade Fair 2018

COMPAMED is an annual trade fair in Düsseldorf Germany that features exhibitors from industry leaders in medical technologies. As manufacturers of complete medical devices and components, Romar Engineering looks forward to meeting with companies seeking reliable and scalable manufacturing solutions. Here’s what we discovered at COMPAMED 2018.

BIOMEDevice San Jose - 5th & 6th December 2018

BIOMEDevice brings together industry leaders and experts in the medical device design and manufacturing community. It is the premiere event for Silicon Valley’s thriving medical device design and manufacturing community. Attendees learn about the latest developments, trends, and technological breakthroughs in the industry. Well worth a read.

A Business Built from the Ground Up Making a Dream a Reality

Romar founders Robert & Marion Wilson had a dream…to build a toolmaking and engineering business servicing the automotive and industrial trade across the US, European and Asian markets. As the business evolved, new technology and the best people joined Romar on our journey.  Today we are one of the most innovative manufacturing businesses in Australia.

Christmas Closure Dates 2018

To help with your planning we would like to advise our operating arrangements for the upcoming festive season. Here are our Christmas closure dates for 2018 and we thank you for your continued support as near the end of another year.

Dan Meckes Joins Romar as Principal Engineer

We’re currently growing our exceptional team, and one of our newest arrivals is Dan Meckes, who we’re pleased to announce has joined us as Principal Engineer. With a background spanning medical device manufacturing, aerospace and defence, Dan is ideally placed to develop our tailored and scalable manufacturing solutions.

Welcome Additive Manufacturing Authority, Benjamin

We’re delighted to announce that our newest team member has joined us directly from DMG Mori in Germany. Benjamin Bax is a leading authority on the Lasertec 65, and he will work with Steve Milanoski, Romar’s Head of Advanced Manufacturing, to develop additive manufacturing solutions that will benefit all our customers.

Meet Romar’s Newest Advanced Manufacturing Engineer, Agnendra Singh

Romar is using our recently awarded Australian Government MMI grant towards 18 new positions in our advanced manufacturing department, and one of our first new hires is Agnendra Singh, who joins our advanced manufacturing team.

Romar Supports Advanced Manufacturing Careers with WSBC

Romar was very pleased to recently take part in a Western Sydney Business Connection (WSBC) project to promote advanced manufacturing careers for Year 9 and Year 10 students, given skills shortage is a concern among Western Sydney manufacturers. Four of Romar’s expert staff took part, and here’s what they had to say.

Welcoming our Advanced Manufacturing Intern, Sophie Heasman

Romar’s vast capability has long been a drawcard for interns. The latest to join our program is Sophie Heasman from Sydney University. Sophie is an outstanding engineering student and she also brings something quite unique, given she is currently completing a double degree in mechatronic engineering… and philosophy.

Hayden Mclaughlin Manufacturing Engineer

In late 2020, we introduced intern Hayden Mclaughlin, who was able to experience first-hand our manufacturing capability across advanced manufacturing, silicone and medical device manufacturing. We’re now very pleased to advise that we’ve welcomed Hayden on board as our newest manufacturing engineer.

New Intern for Romar Manufacturing Team, Hayden McLaughlin

Romar’s expertise in manufacturing is a drawcard for our customers in mining, manufacturing, aerospace and defence – and it’s one reason we regularly welcome outstanding engineering students as interns. Hayden McLaughlin is the latest to discover that access to industry leaders and state-of-the-art technology has its benefits.

Romar Welcomes Former Intern to its Exceptional Team

As a leading Australian manufacturer, Romar has a highly skilled in-house team, and we’ve recently welcomed to the team one of our outstanding former interns, Morgan Wagner. Morgan interned with us whilst completing a double degree in engineering and human biology, and we’re delighted to welcome him back to the fold.

Bing Jing - My 23 Year Journey with Romar Engineering Read On

Bing Jing is Romar’s longest serving employee. In 1996, Bing Jing joined Romar as an R&D Assistant Engineer. He was fresh out of university, after completing a Masters in Manufacturing Engineering at UNSW. He started as an R&D Assistant Eengineer in 1996. His roles have evolved with the business.

About The Romar Engineering Internship Program Learn More

Every year, Romar Engineering invites bright engineering students to experience our world-class facilities and expert manufacturing first hand. Our intensive 12 week internship program allows young engineers to get to know our business and how we deliver manufacturing solutions.

Women in Engineering Rita Nicolas Manufacturing Manager

When deciding what to study at university, engineering was a natural choice for Rita Nicolas. She’s a real left brain kind of girl who loves to solve problems. Rita discovered career opportunities at Romar at the Ausmedtech conference and has been with us ever since.

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    Advanced Manufacturing News & Articles

    Romar’s contract manufacturing model

    Romar’s contract manufacturing model creates significant advantages for aerospace companies looking for a component manufacturer with specialist engineers to collaborate for scalable solutions.

    Medical Silicone for a Happy Sleep

    Medical silicone for a happy sleep. Romar’s expertise with medical devices ensures an anti-snoring mouthpiece becomes a commercial product. The Happy Sleep anti-snoring mouthpiece is helping thousands of people rest easy.

    Machine with operator

    Modern Manufacturing for All Sectors

    Romar’s approach to modern manufacturing for all sectors is why we remain a market leader in high quality and scalable manufacturing for Australian and international customers.