A Career in Advanced Manufacturing

Romar offers professional opportunities in the advanced manufacturing industry. We pride ourselves on our diverse and inclusive workforce and our positive career development and progression opportunities.

Advanced manufacturing is more than a job. Open your mind to all the possibilities.

Manufacturing is booming in Australia. The sector has seen a huge shift from traditional manufacturing processes to technology based advanced and additive manufacturing and material science where creativity and problem solving are at the pointy end.

A career in advanced manufacturing is full of possibilities and is the most interesting and secure career path for anybody who loves to tinker. And Romar leads the industry with integrity and transparency.

Romar is a success story

A successful company wears its scars proudly. It has mended it wounds and learnt from its mistakes. It has weathered the storms of economic downturns, natural disasters, new competitors, the nay-sayers and getting things wrong before getting them right.

Success is a product of perseverance, belief and commitment. It is an attitude that sees leaders get back up, dust themselves off and go again. It requires foresight, risk, skill, innovation and a desire to continually learn, push the boundaries and find the solution.

These character traits have forged the culture of Romar over the past 50 years. From its humble beginnings as a tool shop to Australia’s most sought-after scalable manufacturing company, Romar’s commitment to excellence, innovation and teamwork is instilled in its DNA.

Expert operating a lase machine

Romar has always been about innovation and forward thinking

For over 50 years Romar has been at the forefront of innovation and forward thinking. Romar has steadfastly grown its business through the acquisition of the very best technologies to support our progress in silicone, elastomer, plastic and additive manufacturing. We boast a powerful portfolio of technology, machining capabilities and state-of-the-art facilities where the very best professionals come together as a team that has the opportunities to innovate designs, develop contemporary techniques and use their collective intelligence to move modern manufacturing forward.

We advocate forward thinking people and relish solving highly complex problems for our customers. We believe that for every problem there is a solution, and by working collaboratively with our team members and with our customers we discover possibilities and end solutions that always add value to every project.

Working with the very best people

Working at Romar is tapping into the very best people in the engineering and manufacturing industry. We have actively recruited the brightest and most talented team of engineers, material scientists, quality assurance professionals, software experts, warehousing and logistics specialists and team members.

We applaud those with a natural curiosity who strive for excellence. We value honesty, transparency and integrity. We are driven by purpose and each day is another opportunity to learn something new, create something great and design something that positively influences society, our colleagues and our customers.

Partnerships with world leading research institutions

Our team has access to the world’s leading research institutions through our unique partnerships. We make it a priority to continually develop partnerships that enable our people to grow and invest in their profession. We encourage career development and open avenues for our team to gain advanced education and experiences.

Our founder, Neil Wilson, is a committed mentor and an advocate for maturing and challenging team members to reach their full potential. Romar is as much a place for learning and development as it is for creating scalable manufacturing solutions.

When you work at Romar you open your mind to all the possibilities. When you want to work with the best, join the Romar team.

Current opportunities at Romar

See our current vacancies here. We look forward to starting the conversation with you – do not hesitate to get in touch.

Jobs Vacancies at Romar

ADM Manufacturing Machinist (Metal Machinist (First Class))

We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced individual to join us in the position of ADM Manufacturing Machinist (Metal Machinist (First Class)) to enhance our Advanced Manufacturing Team.

Quality Assurance Officer

Romar Engineering is seeking ISO experienced personnel required to implement technical documentation into the QMS system under the supervision of the QA manager and support investigative efforts such as audits and CAPAs.

Quality Control Officer

Romar Engineering is looking for a highly detail-oriented person who is able to set up and execute quality inspections using various measuring and inspection tools. The successful candidate will work directly on the manufacturing floor of the plastics, silicones and elastomers department.

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